How can I find balance between cost and mold life?

Mold life and Mold cost usually depends on 2 factors

1. Mold design.

2. Mold material.


In terms of material, we define into two secotrs :"Pre-hardness" and "heat treatment".

Pre-hardness type normally in a range of HRC30 ~35 ° ±1° 

Hear treatment  type normally in a range of HRC50 ~52 ° ±1° 

Price structure can be varied and different. It depends on the origine of the material.

Longer mold life will need stronger hardness, but it will be more costly.

Economical price of mold might not have the sronger hardness.

To be fair, it will depends on the product itself. the balance is to measure by what kind of product you are producing and the market life of your product. Also if have large production requirement, then some necessary elements can not be avoid.

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