Pallet net & Tubular bag making machine exports to Mexico.

Pallet net & Tubular bag making machine exports to Mexico.



This month,Mexico clients set up three packaging lines for their company. One is pallet net making line and the others are tubular bag making line. The turnkey-plant is all planned by Fung Chang Industrial Co.,Ltd.





Nowadays, pallet net and tubular bag are the packaging solution in our daily life.

Pallet net

Pallet net is the flexible packaging solution.You can figure out this net in the warehouse and some retailing store.

It is safe to use, easy to dispose of, or can be recycled.it minimizes damage and product spoilage


Tubular bags

Tubular bags are used for packaging the fruit and vegetables and so on.Also,You can find this packaging way in the supermarkets and so on. Tubular bags provide the soft care for the content and easy to carriage!




The production process of pallet net & Tubular bag.

Pallet net:






















Tubular bag:
















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