The new purpose of anti-bird net

The new purpose of anti-bird net


Have you ever thought anti-bird net can prevent the contagious disease from human?



In the past, farmer used anti-bird net to prevent the crops loosing and protect fruits from bird raids.  Now, the anti-bird net also appears on our daily life. 

 At the end of 2014, Dutch authorities have reported a fresh outbreak of bird flu on a poultry farm and have said human infection can only occur following “intense and direct contact” with infected birds.

 The government of U.K also appealed their resident to use ant-bird net structure to protect the poultry from wild birds infected.
(Reference from gov. of U.K :


For  the above reason, anti-bird net not only secure your wealth but health.


Set up the anti-bird net making machine in Mexico

Fung Chang is the specialist in Raschel knitting machine.   In the recent months, the inquiry of anti-bird net making machine have become popular than before.

 This month, we also exported the anti-bird net making machine to Mexico.   Fung Chang provided not only high quality machine, safety packaging but also the after-sales service and complete machine installation.




Production flow of anti-bird net

Fung Chang suggests the single raschel knitting machine for making anti-bird net (SR-R series machine) and provides the production process as below.



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