Polystar to demonstrate new recycling machine inTaipei Plas in September 2014

Polystar to demonstrate new recycling machine inTaipei Plas in September 2014

Polystar will be showing its new model "Repro-Flex" in Taipei Plas this September. The re-engineered system is designed specifically for processing packaging film waste of PE, PP (BOPP) with a much higher percentage of printed surface area, enabling producers to process both printed and unprinted film waste efficiently in a single step, with less material degradation while achieving a more stable throughput.


* Improved pelletizing system for PP (film/raffia/woven), BOPP and OPP waste.

* One stage extruder alone can handle highly printed film -- less material degradation, energy and space saving.

* Self adjusting pelletizing speed for higher quality and more uniform sized pellets.

* A more compact design with higher output.

* Improved filtration and degassing unit can handle highly printed material.

* Easy start and operation with setting memorization (human interface control).


Application: Post-industrial blown film, cast film, PP woven, nonwoven and raffia waste generated from in-house production. Washed agricultural and post-consumer film waste


Examples: Food packaging, wrapping material, industrial packaging, agricultural film, carrier bags and waste packaging


Shape: Film scraps, film-on-roll, edge trim, raffia, woven, sheet, injection molding waste and many others


Condition: non-printed, slightly printed and heavily printed, laminated and multi-layer



Technical Advantage:

Improved system for more difficult material

The much improved degassing, filtration and pelletizing systems result in uniform-sized and high quality pellets for material that is generally difficult to process with die-face cutting, especially printed BOPP film, PP woven/raffia and CPP film waste.

Pelletizing with precision: self adjusting and regulating

In addition to automatic feeding control, the new Polystar system automatically adjusts the pelletizing speed depending on the amount of material being fed into the machine, this results in perfectly uniformed pellets shape and quality despite occasional input inconsistency. The new feature adds more atomization and precision to the pelletizing system and reduces the wearing of knives.

More compact, yet more flexible

The Repro-Flex can process heavily printed PE/PP film in just one single extrusion stage. This replaces the traditional "two stage" mother-baby extruder pelletizer with less material degradation and at the same time consumes less energy and takes up less space.

Filtration and degassing

*A continuous filter with two flowing channel reduces operator intervention. In case of higher contamination, a back-flushing filter (optional) is recommend.

*The double degassing and high-vacuum can effectively process highly printed and humid material

Polystar will demonstrate its re-engineered recycling machine in major international exhibitions