3D printing might not be a huge threat to Mass Production yet." - Director of SSB

Source: Chicago Taiwan Trade Centre. / Mashable.com
Date: 2014.07.02

USA 3D Printing Machine Manufacturer "New Matter" will be introducing a value of $ 200 3D Printing machine to the general consumers in early 2015. In addition to a perfect 3D print technology, but also provides an attractive pricing strategy. "New Matter" is in collaboration with the "Frog Design", whose design company has experience of cooperation with Apple, Microsoft and Sony. The two companies have developed 3D Printing machine named MOD-t, which will have its own unique applications.

The "New Matter" founder "Stephen Schell" and "Bill Gross" has been committed to 3D printing market for nearly a decade. And they believe 3D printing technology is like cell phones can send and receive messages and also the trend will be able to popularize to public. At the same time, they feel that the price must be within the acceptable range for all consumers, if a 3D print machine asking $ 500 to $ 5,000 range, then this will only attract those who are interested for three-dimensional print, not the general public.

With the help of Frog Design, "New Matter" has also established online store for consumers to download and share 3D works. In addition, MOD-t even has Wi-Fi capabilities, which can be direct access to the home wireless network printing works

Key points of mass production are :
1. Cost effectiveness
2. Short cycle time, Fast production.
3. Minimized the wastage.
4. Large quantity

Despite the new technology spreading and developing, when it comes to mass production of products, 3D printer might not fit the criteria to meet the needs. Our customer always concern about short cycle time (Cooling Channel Design), Minimized wastage (Mold Design) and the long lasting life of the mold. (Material and Quality control) When it comes to large quantity, the 3D printing is difficult to catch up the speed. For example, in packaging industry a bottle closure and caps, it can be produced 48 pcs in 3-4 secs. That would be a challenge for 3D printing to take on. Which is why the injection molds and machine will still have its own place at least for certain industry.

Visions in India
In 2015, SSB will be putting lots of effort to achieve better services in India. We have a wide range of business reference in India, and we will be participating for exhibitions locally throughout the 2015. To Start with, we will be attending India Plast in Gujarat. One of the most promising states in India. A recommendation letter from the Gujarat Government: 
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